Our Core Competencies 

  • Technical Expertise
  • World Class Products
  • Client Centric Approach
  • Ethical Business Practices     


Our continuous casting machine has fairly proved to appear as an asset for the wire processing units and cable industries. They can process /convert scraps into acceptable quality of wire rod & other electric conductors. Besides copper, our continuous casting machines are designed for casting various grades of copper alloys including DLP/ DHP Copper, Brass shapess, Aluminum Bronze, Bronze, Silicon Bronze, Precious Metals, Nickel Silver, etc. Furthermore, our horizontal casting systems can also produce copper and brass tubes , strips, slabs & other intermediate shapes.

Our Philosophy

All our products are developed as per the customers requirement. First, we visit our client's factory and analyze his requirements. Then, we undertake the product designing work. Our experienced team of technical experts works on the project and does its utmost to serve the best to the client.

Our Products

Our solutions & orientations hover around a robust single chamber melting cum holding furnace, flexible twin furnace system, complete technology and equipment for vertical upward casting, versatile horizontal casting for bigger section products, high degree of automation & a user friendly technology support mechanism. We manufacture all our equipment & hardware by using the best-grade material available & the components/ ancillaries are sourced from the pioneers in the industry. Such robust construction & sound components have found to have yielded  excellent performance in the field besides ensuring longer functional life. 

  • Coiler System with motorised turntable
  • Continuous Casting Machine ( Vertical & Horizontal orientation)
  • Machine Withdrawal Units, Shearing m/c & Up-coiler
  • Control Panel Boards
  • After Coolers & Die Coolers
  • Furnace Melting Chamber
  • Power Unit for Electric channel Furnaces
  • Single Unit Melting cum Holding Furnace
  • Twin Chamber Furnaces with separation valve/ gate 
  • Furnace inductor assembly
  • Control panels & Automation Units
  • Cooling water circuit assembly

Quality Assurance

We are an ISO 9001:2020 accredited organization, delivering the world class products to our universe of clients. We are fully  committed towards assuring the best-quality materials, state of art design, modern technology & high efficiency deliverables. Our Quality assurance mechanism further guarantees defect free products with a maximum value for money.

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